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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Encyclopedia Entries

Guide to Super Jumping

"DAMN! I almost had it!" Yes, this is a phrase that you say a lot in your attempts at Super Jumping. No doubt you are trying to get that awesome lookin' Attack Scarf or that even better Super Suit. Each has great powers and would help you defeat that rusted tin Smithy or the ugly mess known as Culex. This entry will help you develop skills to get these two pieces of drooling good equipment.


It is important to get into a good enviroment both physically and in the game to start Super Jumping. While it it possible, trying to Super Jump with your little brothers/sisters running around is very difficult. In the game, the best placed to Super Jump would probably be Bandit's Way or Barrel Volcano. I personally prefer the latter, the backgrounds are stimulating and keep you glued to the game. A Spikey or Magmus enemy in these two places are your best choices simple because they don't move much and cannot get hurt by jumping. Turn the volume down, those 1-up sounds WILL start to get irritating.

The Attack Scarf

The first item to go for is the Attack Scarf. This piece of equipment is an accessory, and a perfect compliment to Mario, adding a whooping 30 points to each statistic! This item takes 30 Super Jumps to receive, so head on over to Barrel Volcano to find a Magmus to fall prey to your awesome jumps. Start out slowly, press the Y button just before Mario lands the jump. Try getting into a pattern about now, after 6 or 7 jumps speed up. Keep that pattern going to around jump 12, where you should try to speed up a bit more. By about 17 you should have the pattern and by 23 it's a breeze. Hold it to 30 and claim your prize from the Chow in Monstro Town.

The Super Suit

*Drool*... Now it's where it starts to get challenging. The Super Suit is by far the best armor in SMRPG (well, maybe except for the Lazy Shell but that's for people who can't play the game right). Not only does it give you the "Lazy Shell" effect (immunities to several kinds of magic), it will boost up all your statistics by 50 and speed by 30!!! However, this is probably the single most irritating to get item in all of SMRPG. 100 Super Jumps must be performed for the Chow in Monstro Town to surrender this. Do the essentials, volume down, good enviroment, and a Spikey or Magnus to jump on. Do the same you did to get up to 30 and KEEP THAT PATTERN!!! IT IS VERY IMPORTANT! The reason most people never get this is because they are too distracted thinking about other things. Clear your mind and fix your eyes on the screen. I cannot tell you how disappointing it is when you reach around 80 and screw up. When you've jumped around 22, the pattern doesn't shift anymore so good luck... BTW, you'll know when you reach 100 because it is impossible to go over 100 Super Jumps.


I've taken some screenshots of the various tasks and rewards of Super Jumping.

| The Attack Scarf | Call me the MASTER! | Keep it up... | OH YEAH! | The Super Suit |

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