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The Shy Guy Kingdom


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  Yoshi's Island  

Shy Guy Picture Panel

Weapons and Variations

Bandit "Bandit" - Essentially a Shy Guy that walks, these are slippery fellows who can be quite devastating if not paid attention to. They run very fast and steal Mario hence the name. They are immune to being eaten and it takes either three jumps or a butt slam to kill them. Destroying one reveals three coins. They are also your enemy in the minigames.

Boo Guy "Boo Guy" - Boo Guys are the ghosts (no duh) of dead Shy Guys. They are commonly found in the forts of area bosses and sub-bosses. They are not exceptionally dangerous, their only special ability is floating around.

Red Shy GuyYellow Shy Guy "Shy Guys" - The good ol' fashioned standard Shy Guy. They are pretty straight-forward attackers, most of them simply walk around waiting for you to come to them. Some have the ability to jump around.

Tribal Shy GuySpear Guy "Tribal Shy Guy" - These little natives inhabite both World 3 (jungle) and 6 (dark world). They wield spears but are not too dangerous, they mainly dance around and are easily killed by eating. Another version of them use a shield along with the spear and walk around instead of dancing. Eggs and enemies spit at the side with the shield will be deflected and do no damage.

Martial Guy "Martial Guy" - A personal favorite of mine, these guys are some of the more "active" of the bunch. They attack with a Kung Fu/Karate attack and also have the ability to launch a Kamehameha kind of attack. They can't really be killed, only stunned.

Baseball Guy "Baseball Guy" - These Shy Guys come in two types, one pitching and catching eggs, one batting them. Any eggs shot at the catchers will be caught and thrown back, any at the batter will be hit back at you with force.

Stilt Guy "Stilt Guy" - One of the err.... ingenious Shy Guy inventions, these baddies can be somewhat dangerous. They lurk on land, caves, and water. If you jump on one the stilts will disappear and the Shy Guy will turn into a regular, standard Shy Guy. While on stilts they are immune to being eaten. If you shoot one with an egg it will take care of 'em.

Fat Guy "Fat Guy" - Well they say fat people are more intimidating, and these Shy Guys also think so. Jumping on them doesn't do much but butt slams hurt 'em. Also if eaten they will make a humongo egg.

Flail Guy "Flail Guy" - One of the most dangerous Shy Guys, not to mention one of the most dangerous enemies in the game. They swing their giant maces above their heads until they let go aimed at Yoshi.

Camoflauge Guy "Camo Guy" - A rather "deceptive" master of disguise, these enemies will appear to be a flower bush and ambush you.

Pyro Guy "Pyro Guy" - Ugh... BBQ Shy Guy. These baddies will run around on fire trying to hit you. If eaten they are worth a fire blast from Yoshi.


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